Tuesday, September 9, 2008

If you don’t tithe, those donuts are not for you!

Check it out! The CBC blog posted about another clever blog called The Church You Know a parody on modern church life in the style of "The More You Know" PSA's on NBC.

They've figured out a way to artfully "question some of the characteristics and practices we see in the church" as it is today posting short videos on subjects such as tithing, pastors, titles, attendance, WWJD, etc.

Here's a part of the blurb under the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) video:

At its heart, it’s about the sayings, slogans, fads, and movements that come and go like Krispy Kremes at a Church potluck. What would Jesus do? What would Jabez pray? What is your ‘best life now,’ or your ‘purpose-driven church/life/tricycle?” At best, these can become cliché attempts to understand and control our life in Christ through catchy words, and at worst, they end up becoming semi-truths that allow us to justify a range of behaviors that may have nothing to do with God.

Oh ya, you can view the Tithing (Donut) Video here: Those donuts are NOT for you!


Anonymous said...

I always used to wince at WWJD. I figured, hang on...Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit are all there to talk to, instead of asking rhetorical questions, why the heck don't you just ask them and find out?

Failing that, listen to that little voice which is telling you what to do. Wish I had done that..would have left our abusive church a lot sooner.

Thanks for this blog

NoJoke said...

Thanks for stopping by Meg! I love it! Ya, why not just ask??

Learning again how to (individually) depend on that still small voice has been a huge part of our detox that's for sure!

Kelly said...

Recently I read the book, "In His Steps", the book that I believe inadvertently spawned the WWJD thing. I say inadvertently because while I am certain the author meant for his readership to think seriously on their commitments as disciples of Jesus, he in no way meant the "what would Jesus do" slogan to become a weak, empty catch phrase that we engrave on gold and wear around our necks!

It blew my mind, the sacrifices that each individual in the book made to obey Jesus. The question was personal, deep and powerful in their lives, and they paid a heavy price, as Jesus did. They counted the cost w/fear and tremlbling, and they lost social status, financial and physical security, family relationships. The rich became poor, the popular were mocked and even physically attacked, and one young woman lost her life.

In no way was the question WWJD as much of a joke as it is to the church today. I was left deeply ashamed that I had ever thought that I was asking myself this tough question and being open to the answer. In fact, I am asking it more now than ever, and have no desire to decorate myself or my fancy possessions with the slogan.

It's another example of how the Christian culture commercializes and weakens things that are meant to be powerful and life-changing, in order to make it more palatable to a body that has forgotten how to truly count the cost.

Another great post...thanks for making us think deeper than the bumper sticker...

Alex Horton said...

A lot of times when people ask this question, when they say "Jesus" they mean the particular aspects of Jesus they like.