Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Meet Rockstar Pastor (@RockstarPastor)

Meet Rockstar Pastor
I am suddenly feeling an anointing (pronounced ah-NOYN-ting-ah) to share some of the twitter account names I've been coming across since I created a twitter account for Detox Church Group.  Some of us follow each other on Twitter. We tend to gravitate toward one another since we share a similar ah-NOYN-ting.  I'm kind of short on time right now so I'll share as many as I can but can come back to add some more. Better yet, if you have seen any not mentioned below feel free to leave them in the comment section.  By the way I added a link to each name if you feel an anointing to go check them out yourself.

So, without further ado 
here are just a few: (I also have an anointing for rhyme):

I Wear Holy Pants
  • CelebrityYouthPastor (I put drugs out of business for 90 minutes every Sunday.)
  • RockStar Pastor (Wait... humble brag is a bad thing???)
  • Mega Church Pastor (Just convinced our elders to let me sell my 2nd lake house to the church. #retreatcenterforstaff) (should be #retreatcenterforme)
  • Worship Star (I have a tattoo of my autograph.)
  • Worship Band Guy (When the light to fog ratio is perfect, I step out on stage...)
  • Hip Worship Chick (I am your neighborhood worship diva.)
  • Celeb Worship leader (I'm a rockstar. And I was born for this. / I make my #worship team call me daddy. It's a spiritual sign of respect.)
  • Celeb WorshipDrummer (Try telling me that drums aren't in the Bible and I'll beat you over the head with a tambourine)
  • Celebrity PK (You know me, I don't know you.)
  • Celebrity Pastor (Kicking butt. Taking names.)
  • Fake Judah Smith (The test of a man is not how big he lives but how big he gives. ~Selah~)
  • Fake Rod Parsley (Professional shouter and Pulpit Pimp. BREAKTHROUGH!!!!)
  • FakeJohnPiper (God is most glorified in me when I am most Calvinist in him.)
  • Fake Driscoll (Mars Hill Church asked me to make it clear that this account is fake. I told them I don't know how much clearer it could be than being called fakedriscoll.)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Parachuting Bunnies

photo credit Skydive Milwaukee
Parachuting bunnies.  Our former church hired one for their Easter egg hunt this weekend.  And it even made the local news (I noticed people holding big yellow cue signs "Laugh" and "Applause" to amp up the hype factor - LOL.).  For now they are the hero church reaching out to the community.  But for what reason? Is it for their reputation? Only the Lord knows the true motive.  As usual our state is 2 years behind California. Does CCC and Channel 7 assume this is a brand new idea fresh off the press like they came up with the original idea themselves?  Free at Last was thinking they are trying to replicate the White House easter egg hunt in Washington DC, but even the White House doesn't feel the need to hire a parachuting bunny.

In their advertising campaign, CCC said they would be hosting parachuting bunnies - plural.  But alas, it appears it was one bunny who descended the murky sky today into the public park at the Village.  By the way, why the Village and not their own property as in former years?  Our guess it's because the CCC lawn is shrinking in size due to the fact they have been selling off their land to - what - pay their mortgage?  But still, if honesty were an issue, they could have at least billed it in the spirit of truthfulness and said we will have a parachuting bunny - singular - but I suppose I am majoring on a minor with that one.

So check out THIS ARTICLE Free At Last tipped me off to - a story of the parachuting bunny church Easter celebration phenom (i.e. a blatant attempt to lure the masses to church) - yet keep in mind the article was written in 2013,  Therefore, CCC's perception of their cutting edge trend is on the decline before they even pretended it was their new and original idea this year.  Just saying.

Since CCC is a church we think it odd that there was no mention of Jesus and the Risen Christ in any of their advertising.  It was just... Parachuting Bunnies, egg hunts, dancing animals and pictures with the Easter Bunny.  Not that reaching out to the community in a way that appeals to them isn't valid. Children do love Easter egg hunts and fictional characters no matter how pagan the origin.  Even adults love to join in on the pretend Disney LaLa Land world of make believe.  But isn't the death and resurrection of Christ the central idea to the Easter celebration in Christian churches?

What is really irksome for us is the way Ken Wilde preached against the pagan rituals of Easter and Christmas and Halloween the entire time we attended that church while we were raising our children.  You either didn't participate in the pagan ritual out of fear or you did it secretly - and adopted the 'what they don't know won't know won't hurt them' attitude.  (It's called not allowing religious leaders to steal your child's childhood thank you.)  Can you imagine how it took some of the joy out of the holidays?  On the other hand, our secret participation made it kind of special in a mysterious clandestine sort of way. But still, some of us can't help but feel ripped off in a way, as we observe Ken has lifted the ban on pagan rituals during holidays now that he has grandchildren, especially now that he is reaping such praise by doing it sooooo publically.  We can totally identify with the Psalmist that mentions gnashing teeth.  

Anyway, we hope they are happy that they got press over the weekend - public honor and praise - hailed as the hero church.  But where was channel 7 with their cue cards when CCC wasn't paying their mortgage a few years ago which was published in the Idaho Statesman?  Not that it was a story in itself.  What makes it a story of interest is how the lead pastor family who controls the finances continued to spend extravagantly taking vacations in Hawaii, attending international church conferences, and parading designer outfits on instagram for anyone to see.  And that's just what was noticeable at a distance. Apparently that isn't considered news but parachuting bunnies sure fits the bill.

The worship leader worker bee is on the channel 7 video as saying it's one of the largest easter egg hunts in the nation.  Whaaat?  If you Google easter egg hunts in the USA and you will see the potential for much larger turn outs.   They flatter themselves with their elevated sense of importance.  It may certainly be the largest Easter egg hunt in the Treasure Valley - but I'm sure their numbers pale on a national level.  But, in their minds, they are the Big fish in a small pond.

So why did they host it at the Village?  And how much did that cost?  (Hey, let's not pay the mortgage this month and that should cover the expense.) Is it because their front and back lawns are being sold off in portions?  No one mentioned that on the channel 7 glowing report.  And why doesn't channel 7 investigate why CCC's property is shrinking?  Why is this not news?  I think it's time to call channel 6 on your side and tell them something fishy has been going on at 2760 E. Fairview Avenue for years now. Or there is always the Truth Squad with channel 2.  Something tells me they could get to the bottom of the weirdness.  We can just mention how KGW was in cohoots with scammer Jeremiah C. Yancy who is a wanted criminal in at least 4 states under different aliases for conning people to invest in his real estate ponzi scheme.   Now that is newsworthy!  Just remember you heard it here first. ;-)